Driving Instructor Training Testimonials


Some previous Trainees...

A few months ago I did not realise whether I would be able to pass my ADI Part 3, as you know I live in the West Midlands and coming to visit you a few times made me realise the quality of training that you provided went above and beyond what I had received over my last 8 months. I had exposure to the best instructors within the West Midlands but the training and level of instruction you provided was exceptional and of a superb standard.

I cannot thank you enough for the help and guidance you provided and the quality and the amount of pre-set tests that we went through during the time I had with you.

Thank you again - you are just amazing!


Hi Milan

Just wanted to say a big big Thank you, I could not have done it without your expertise.

After wasting so much money and time with Red, I had no confidence in myself but with your encouragement and quality of Training I passed my part 3 second time in Hayes just 2 days before my Theory ran out. I will recommend you to everybody.

You are the BEST.

Wish you all the Happiness in the World. God Bless you.

Thanks Once Again.


Dear Milan,

Thank you very much for helping me pass my Part 3 Test, I am extremely grateful to you.

Your training for me was excellent and really improved my conferring/instruction skills and confidence. It was one of the reasons I passed, I owe a big thank you to you!

I recommended you to everyone I knew who was training to become a driving instructor.


Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Siddique

I started my driving instructor training with a major driving school and invested a considerable amount of time any money in doing so. I was feeling really disillusioned when a friend recommended Milan. My first meeting with Milan was like a 'breath of fresh air'! Unlike the major driving school that I had previously trained with, Milan has a proven method of teaching, which he adapts to suit the individual.

From my personal perspective, I had a lot of knowledge racing around in my head, but I didn't really know how to use it in real life teaching scenarios. Milan helped me develop the practical side of my teaching, and encouraged me to move away from the theoretical side of teaching someone to drive. Milan also encouraged me to think about what I would do when driving and then to teach others the same way.

I would strongly recommend anybody considering embarking on a driving instructor career to make Milan their first port of call. I feel that the money that I spent on training with Milan was money well spent.

I passed my test and cannot thank Milan enough for his patience and encouragement in getting me through my test.

I am extremely happy and will be embarking on my new career as an ADI in the New Year.


I started my Part3 with Milan after glowing recommendation from my former driving instructor.

After my first lesson I was so sold on his teaching methodology I quickly pre-booked lessons in advance.

I was impressed by how he communicated, this helped me retain his teachings in my mind. Another positive is his patience which I have to say is enduring especially as I was a novice to the Part3 format and expectation. Milan's teaching and unwavering trust in my ability helped me pass my Part3 on the 27th of November 2013 on my second attempt.

To all my fellow aspiring driving instructors, I have to say my overall review of Milan is that he is not just the best around but also an instructor that genuinely cares and caters for the individual's success. Thank you so much Milan.


I started of my driving instructor journey with RED driving school. I didn't get the training that I should have for me to pass my part 3 test, which was a shame as it did cost a lot.

I then got in contact with Milan. And since I started my training with Milan, what can I say?! It's the best possible training out there for you to get through your tests and to be a great driving instructor on the road in general.

The way Milan teaches is really good as he teaches you from a high grade standard and communicates really well. He is a friendly and top guy. His teaching aids, which he has published and his other ADI revision material is absolutely spot on and very helpful.

Milan helped me get through my part 3 test and has given me a high standard ability to teach on the road. When I passed my part 3 test, the examiner asked me who I trained from because he was impressed with my standard of teaching. I really could not have done it with out Milan's help.

I would highly recommend Milan for ADI training. The guy is a legend and I thank him for everything he has helped me with and will always go back to him for future check test training.

Ricky Kenth

I passed my ADI part 3 thanks to Milan.

After I have been battered from one of uk popular driving school - I would like to write about Milan's training, but after I read all this reviews from others I am not.

Because all these reviews explain how good Milan's training is - The famous MSM means to me - Milan Save Me!!

So he can save you too. If you looking for a trainer do not hesitate to contact milan.

Thank you Milan

Sam Pirisyalage

Hi Milan, After passing my part 3 test at first time, I would like to thank you very very much for your professional support, help and advise. I consider myself very lucky to be trained by you, so I will be very proud to recommend you for every one thinking of becoming a driver instructor. I will always come back to you for further training . God bless you and I wish you all the best Dawoud

Let's do a "quick" re-cap....

I met Milan a few months ago.The first impression was: - car, top of the range, inside - a very presentable guy.When I saw this, I thought " this look is too polished"....I had the feeling, that I am not going to get what I am looking for!

But after my first lesson, it turned out that I am not Only going to work with the man who has grade 6, but with someone who is a real expert. He taught me lots of things, and helped me a lot -I took my Part 3 test AND PASSED on my first attempt.

Milan , I will ask for your help Not only for my check test, but for any advise that I would need in future. MASSIVE THANK YOU!!!!

My name is Emil Donev

Milan is an excellent trainer with great patience. I kept insisting for more training but Milan knew I was ready for test so I went to test passed on 25th June 2013. Certainly I would not have made it without his expertise and professional attitude towards me which gave me the most important knowledge and confidence I needed. Milan is harder than the examiner, as a result exam is fun.

Best regards

M Latif

Hi Milan

I passed my ADI Part 3 test !! Thank you so much for all your support and patience. Well done !! (Test @ Barnet April 13)You are not just teaching me to pass the test but you also training me to become a pro driving instructor !!

Highly recommended. The core comps book are really useful , so do not hesitate to get one :-)

See you soon Many thanksSoon

Hi Milan,

I have passed my part 3 on final attempt with 5/5, I can't believe it. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. I would not have been able to pass without your valuable lessons and encouragement. Milan identified my weaknesses quickly and tailor-made me an effective strategy to correct them. I have to say your lessons are based on quality not quantity. Thank you again.

Kind regards,


Hi Milan

This is to say VERY big thanks to you Milan, I passed my ADI part 2 and part 3 thanks to you.

I really joyed the training, it was very professional and easy to understand and also the teaching aids and CD's were very useful. Milan is very experienced, professional and has a very positive attitude towards the learner. If anyone is thinking of becoming a driving instructor you should consider Milan and have a few lessons, then you'll be able to judge it for yourselves.

See you soon for my continuing professional development training.

Regards Darsha

After wasted money and hours of my time with one of the large driving schools finding Milan was the wake up call I needed to pass my part three. Milan's professional, precise, calm and high level of knowledge made sense of all the jumbled messages I had in my head from my previous instruction. The structure and his teaching methods are top class, wish I could carry on learning with him as lessons were very enjoyable.

Thanks Milan highly recommended and without you I would have given up. Give my number to anyone who is unsure about which route to take. Keep up the great work.

Teresa J.

I had only one attempt left to pass my part 3 test and meeting Milan was the greatest thing. I got his books from the website and contacted him, he was available to train me straight away and within about two and half months I was prepared for the test, it cost me only £35 per hour but even if he charges more its worth it, one more thing he is harder than the examiner but now he's a friend to us.

Kenneth Benjamin

Hi milan

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help - I came in at a 5/5 it took me 4 times to pass my adi!

I used a few trainers and you made it happen for me. I will never forget your support for Fell School of Motoring. I'm putting good drivers out there thanks to you.

Bernadette Fell

Hi milan

Just want to say thank you very much because of you I have managed to pass my part3 of driving instructor test.

Obviously I am very happy about it and looking forward to see you again for my check test in the future. I have passed my part 3 on final attempt with 5/5 I can't believe it.

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. I would not have been able to pass without your valuable lessons and encouragement. Also your are the best instructor but whenever i was with you are more strict than the normal examiner thats why it made me more enthusiastic and dedicated.

Thank you very much

Jatin Gandhi

I would like to say a heart felt Thankyou to Milan for helping me through my part3 test.

Milan was brilliant with his method of teaching, he made me think for myself and never waisted my time.

His quality of teaching was very thorough and helped me to achieve grade 5/5!

I am very proud and grateful to him to make me an ADI.

Milan you are the best! Thanks again!


Hi Milan

Would just like to thank you for all your support during my training with you.

I felt that you taught me a lot in how to teach students, your role play skills were brilliant!

It felt like the real thing.......without your guidance and advise it would have been very tough to pass this test! You have given me the knowledge to handle any situation with a learner driver and in the future I will continue to use the techniques you taught me.

Wish you all the best, and look forward to seeing you soon for check test training!! Will only come to you!

So if I was you would go on a holiday as your going to need an extra amount of patience!

Best wishes


Dear Milan,

I have passed my part 3 on final attempt with 6/6!!!!!!!! I can't believe it. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. I would not have been able to pass without your valuable lessons and encouragement. Anyone who is in a position like I was should definitely invest in some lessons with you! Thank you again.

Kind regards,


Very proud and happy ADI.

Hi Milan just want to say thank you very much because of you I have managed to pass my part3 of driving instructor test. Obviously I am very happy about it,and looking forward to start giving tuition soon.

When I passed my part2 I didn't have a clue about part3 then one of my friend mentioned about you and I got in touch with you straight away; after meeting you I found out that you were the right person to guide me through ...because of your dedication, hard work and professionalism I am celebrating my success today.

I would urge any body out there who is looking for a very good trainer get in touch with Milan you cant go wrong trust me.

Once again thanks ever so much


Dear Milan,

I would like to give you a huge thank you for all your help and support Milan. You were recommended to me by a friend you who past his test with you with a 6/5. l am so pleased that he recommended you because l had many lessons before but I was still lacking in confidence with PSTs and the core competences. You rapidly identified my strengths and weaknesses enabling me to make strong progress. Your professionalism is impressive. I passed my test with a 5/5. I recommend you to ADI trainers without hesitation.

Best Regards,

Remzi Erdil

You're obviously reading this page looking for ADI part 3 training - well look no further!

I can only describe Milan Mehta as a Master of his profession.

Milan will not only teach you everything you need to know to pass part 3 but he genuinely also wants you to become a good Instructor for the rest of your career so his training methods are designed with this in mind.

Lessons with Milan were very enjoyable as he has a great sense of humour with excellent communication skills but he certainly makes it clear when you're doing something wrong, so watch out..... LOL!

After starting out as a complete novice I was unsure after only a few months of part 3 training if I was test ready but Milan told me to book my test early and insisted I would not need any more lessons other than what I had originally booked, as I had kept suggesting I should book some more, so of course saving me money, how's that for honesty?

I was dreading part 3 as I certainly could not be described as a natural, and did think I may be taking on something I may not quite manage but yes, you've guessed it I passed on my 1st attempt!

Thank you Milan

David G. ADI

I contacted Milan after a disagreement with my original trainer, with less than 3 weeks to go to my final attempt at part 3.

I had 2 mock tests with Milan and he pointed out a few errors and gave some ideas on how to use different similarities when explaining manoeuvres and fault finding.

After our first session, he emailed me that evening with notes and observations and new variants on what I and previously learned. This gave me more confidence when out with my pupils. The second session went even better and I left having the confidence that I would get my green badge. Thanks, Milan for your help and inspiration in such a short time. I look forward to your help when it comes round to check test!

Sarah Solts | Behind the Wheel | educating learner drivers

Everyone needs confidence. Before I came to Milan Mehta I had already taken my part 3 test once, with the training I had been given from RED Instructor Training, which I now believe I had wasted valuable time and money. Before I met Milan I was lacking in confidence and doubting my own ability. I was quite disillusioned with my current training establishment and coming from a graduate background I was frustrated at my shortcomings.

Then out of the darkness came the light -Milan Mehta- What Milan did for me in a short space of time was remarkable and the results are there for all to see. I am now a green badge holder and very confident in my teaching ability.

Want to become a Driving Instructor?

Milan Mehta is the way forward

Assim G.

Hi Milan

Thanks a lot for your support and training you gave me to pass this last test which can be very difficult test to pass. As you know I was panicking through out my training but you keep giving me confidence on each subject we went through. I would recommend you to everyone who want to get training on part 2 and part 3 and save money in the first place and get the right training instead of wasting their money to any big companies around.


Paul Singh Arora

Hi Milan,

Just want to say a big massive thank you for all your ability in helping me make it through my final Part 3 taken over in Hayes.

It was your openness, honesty and professionalism right from the start that made it happen.

I was in thought that it was near impossible for me to ever be able to achieve success after being left confused and unsure after previous attempts. You helped me believe in myself and added a great deal to my knowledge and skills to overcome what seemed like something impossible to pass.

If there is anyone out there that feels like I did, do not hesitate to look no further than Milan.

Definitely worth all the time and money invested in taking me from being a PDI to a now much confident and enthusiastic ADI.

Once again thank so much for your help and look forward to any future training.

Kind Regards and much success,

Andre Pierre Toussaint

Dear Milan,

Many Many thanks for making me over the moon as i got through on my ADI part 3 test at Pinner with excellent result grade 6 and 5.

My previous two attempts made me failure person but once i met you through a recommendation you fill up my knowledge and perfect teaching technique for life. To be very honest with you what you give on training is exactly what the examiner ask to perform on exam.

I have to say anyone who wants to be a quality driving instructor for life definitely will benefit form your high quality and professional standard of training.

Thank a lot once again for your all the help and giving me competence. I start winning hureeeeeeeey

kind regards

Raj Bista

hi Milan,

i am glad to inform you that i have passed the part3 test in 2nd attempt, and i owe the entire credit to you because of your great help.

Attaining lessons from RED was a sheer waste of time and money for me but you helped me overcome the hurdles and helped me achieve this success.

I will always be grateful to you for guiding me and assisting me in all aspects step by step, be it even my license issue.

Thanking you once again for your fantastic and professional support. We'll stay in touch.


Hassnain Raza

Hi Milan,

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for all your help and encouragement which enabled me to pass my ADI Part 3 on my first attempt. Your professional approach to your job along with your extensive knowledge, humour and patience made the whole daunting process of training for my Part 3 much more manageable and gave me the all needed confidence to keep going and not give up!

You somehow manage to set the level of learning and tone of the lesson to the individuals needs very quickly and effortlessly and I will not hesitate in recommending you to anyone looking for an ADI trainer!

I cannot thank you enough for all your advise and patience, especially with my endless 'blonde' questions, I most definitely could not have done it without you and will be back for all my check test training in the future :)!!

Sarah Humphry

Dear Milan,

Hats off to you Milan.

I still cannot believe that I passed my ADI Part 3 in my first attempt. You made me confident to attend my test with just a few classes.

My perception towards teaching techniques & style has totally changed with your high standards of Training. I really fancy the way you train and explain about the live examples, which was of big help in my test.

Words are not enough to show my admiration towards your style of training.

Thank you once again Milan.


Dear Milan, hope you well

I just want to say thank you, thank you for all the support and the training that you gave me, without it I couldn`t pass. You found the fault, analyzed it and you gave the right remedy and I cement the remedy and passed the test, I recommend that any one want to train for ADI without wasting money and time, should come to you.

Thank you again and I wish you all the best.

Best regards

Salih Esa

Dear Milan

I am just writing to say a big thank you for the important part you played in my passing the ADI part 3 exam first time.

When I first looked for an ADI I tried to locate a grade 6 instructor but was unable to find one in my geographical area so I settled for a grade 5. Although he was a decent instructor I felt there was something lacking so I continued to search for a grade 6 and that was when I came across your website. From the first lesson I was able to notice the difference in the quality of the instruction


What was immediately clear to me was that you had spent a great deal of time studying the ADI syllabus and core competencies and finding out exactly what they meant in practical terms. Having read the Driving Instructors' Handbook and feeling totally lost by their very dry, theoretical interpretation of the syllabus, it was a great weight off my mind to have it all broken down for me so simply.

Your in-depth understanding of the syllabus and your ability to explain it to your students also fed through in the clarity with which you explained the material. All of your answers to my questions were relevant and unambiguous. This meant I was never left with any uncertainty about what I needed to do.

One of the biggest concerns I think for any student is having a good idea of what they will encounter during the exam. Here you excelled again by clearly demonstrating that you had spent a great deal of time and effort liaising with examiners and sitting in on real tests to help you fully understand the exam process and what the examiners were looking for. As a result when I went for my part 3 I felt very relaxed and confident, because I knew what to expect and everything happened exactly as you said it would!

In addition to all I have mentioned above you have some great personal qualities which I think are well suited to the role of an ADI trainer, such as patience reliability and a sense of humour. All of our lessons were conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which meant that I could get on with learning without worrying about making mistakes.

So once again, many thanks Milan for your dedication patience and support, and I wish you and your business every success.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Hart

I was introduced to Milan through a relatives recommendation, and was I very pleased to meet him. I had trained independantly for my Part 1 and my Part 2, and was still not very confident at this stage. Milan teaches in such a way that you walk away feeling very confident. His teaching methods are so unique and so good, that learning and training is a fun, enjoyable experience!

I am so happy I was introduced to Milan, he helped me with the weak areas in my Part 2 as well as my Part 3 training. I passed with a 5 5 (Phase 1/Phase 2), I was over the moon! I couldnt have achieved this mark without Milans Training.

Thank you so much for everything, I purchased Milans excellent driving instructor teaching aids, I would be lost without these, particularly The Essential Guide To Passing ADI Part 3, and Phase 2 Q & A Teaching Aid.

I also bought his latest book, Core Comps, all these have great visual Aids and knowledge, and really helped me to understand each Pre Set for the test, and to be able to teach my pupils with confidence.

I will stay in touch and continue training, to help me towards my Check Test and to help me be a really good instructor like Milan. Once again thank you for everything!

See you soon.


Hi Milan,

I can't believe that I have Passed, it would have been impossible without you Milan.

Passed third time! The way you give me training is outstanding, the way i felt during the test was exactly the same way you trained me, which was really helpful. i wish i had seen you before my 1st attempt i would have passed long time ago.

I say to those people who wants to become an ADI, Milan Mehta is the one who really rescue you. Don't hang around here and there you will be wasting the precious time, And time is money.

Thank you very much i'll be in touch with you.


Tamandeep Gabba.

Hi Milan,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help, advice and support. I Don't think i could have done it without you.

After paying Red Driving school more than 3 thounsand pounds i failed my 1st and 2nd attempt. I felt the training and support was not up to the standards required.

After just one training session with Milan i felt he had the knowledge and understanding and he has great way of teaching for me to pass this test and become a professional driving Instructor.

I would recommend Milan to everyone who is wanting to become an ADI.

DON'T waste your money elsewhere but train with Milan; a professional calm, honest and down to earth guy who really wants you to get through this.

Milan, I can't thank you enough for what knowledge you have passed on to me, and help me pass this test!!!

GOD bless you and your family and continue the good work. I Will be in touch for my check test.

Samina Asim

Hi Milan

Thank you for your support and training, you explained everything in such a way that learning was made simple and easy.

You are a great tutor, and without your training techniqes i wouldn't have passed.

I would recommend you to everybody i know, i wish you all the best.

Take care


HI Milan

I can not thank you enough for all the help and support you have given me over the last few months. You were recommended by a friend and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody who wished to be an instructor.

You were patient throughout, gave me lots of tips and hints. You even helped me finding new ways of saying things as I stammer when under pressure! Your support has meant a lot to me as well as your professionalism. After failing my first attempt at Part 3, I felt very disheartened but you kept me going and gave me belief in myself.

It has been an amazing experience and I cannot wait to start teaching others!

Thank you very much and I am sure I will bump into you soon!

Eduardo Da Silva

ps: I Will be in touch soon to get your advice on the Check test.

I had previously trained with BSM, and I think that I was confident that I was going to pass ADI Part 3 with the quality of its training. Therefore I decided to get a trainee license and I got extra lesson with Milan. I would seriously recommend Milan, because not only did he help me improve on my skills as an instructor, but he also guided me in a way to broaden my knowledge around the subject by recommended teaching aids, manuals and CD's. Milan truly trains you to a high standard of teaching and gives you the confidence and knowledge to become a worthy instructor.

Thanks for everything

Nisar Ahmadi

Dear Milan,

Today is a culmination of my two-year period as I have passed my ADI part 3 test in LONDON BARNET; because of that happy event I would like to say a few comments to other trainees who read DITA & ONEWAY website.

I started my training with a different popular school where I received some basic training, but not enough support to reach high quality standard neither did I have a mentor who would lead me to success or at least show some personal interest. After failing on two attempts I found Milan.

During one to one sessions He filled the gap by displaying a lot of pupil centered approach, targeting weaknesses in my instructional techniques. It is really getting value for your money. If I found Milan earlier I would save half of the money and time invested in training, and my students would be happier as well.

His visual aids are quite up to expectations and especially the latest publication CORE COMPS is a revelation on the market, which within few weeks rose my standard to grades 5 on phase one and 5 on phase two, I got even a six for faults analysis. I will be developing my skills with Milan towards the check test, but for now I would like to express appreciation for his highly professional training. I think Milan should be called a 'professor'.

Rafal Aulich

Hi Milan,

One of my friends reccomended to you (who had traning with you) and now has his own driving school.

I am really happy to say that I had adi part 3 traning with you. I have learned lots of tips and tricks about it. It was very enjoyable and usefull.

In the first attempt i passed my part 3 test. I am very lucky because i have trained by right person.

Thank you very much for everything Milan.

Best Regards,

Filiz Doldur

I was very impressed with Milan not only by his robust training methods but also by his friendly, upmost professional and efficient manner.

He helped me to achieve my full potential and ace my part 3 after previously failing it with his versatile last minute rescue training.

Milan's guidance extends beyond just one to one training. He pointed me in the right direction when he was unavailable to ensure my training was uninterrupted as well as providing me with all the right tools (teaching aid, books, manuals etc) to enable me to organise my knowledge and extract methods of teaching from it.

He has not only helped me to pass my part three, he has also given me an insight into how to be professional, efficient and a successful Driving Instructor.

I thank you very much for this Milan and I will be sure to keep in touch.

Abel Negash

Hi Milan,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support in my part 3 training. I passed a couple of weeks ago at Hayes with grades 4 and 5 on my first attempt.

I had previously trained with BSM and RED, this training I felt was inadequate to get me through the part 3 test, and left me feeling unprepared and nervous.

I heard about you from fellow PDI and decided to take lessons too. I enjoyed the lessons and learnt things I hadn't covered before, so although nervous about the test, I felt prepared to go ahead and subsequently passed, HOORAY !!!

See you soon for check test training.

Best Regards,


Hi Milan

I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for all your assistance in passing my part 3. After retiring from the police service with more than 30 years' experience of the emergency services I thought the transition to ADI would be an easy one - how wrong I was!

You took me back to square one and taught me a skill that will be with me for life - you're a star!!

Trevor Vince -

To Milan

After months of hard work and training, I found myself in a situation where I had failed the Part 3 driving test twice and was now facing my final opportunity to pass. Obviously I was very anxious about this and wanted to find the best support available to ensure I passed the third time. Then a friend recommended Milan and I realised where I was going wrong and quickly improved in all the areas which were letting me down. Milan is a very professional and supportive trainer and I am really grateful that with his help, I passed my part 3 test on the final opportunity. I only wish I had heard about him sooner as I am sure that with his training I would have passed first time!

Thanks again.

Kamran Shazad