ADI Part 2

Training for the ADI Part 2 Driving Ability Test

ADI Part 2 Driving Test Training With DITA

Raise your driving skill level to expert in a short period

The training and preparation for this part of the qualification process is ALL carried out in-car, on a one to one basis.

All our ADI Part 2 training is carried out by Milan; an ORDIT registered DVSA Approved Grade A Instructor Trainer.

With many years of experience, he has helped hundreds of PDIs to successfully pass Part 2. He has received many testimonials and recommendations as a result of his clear and concise teaching style.

It's worth noting that the 'average' number of hours required to reach the pass standard differs from person to person, but 12-14 hours with a trainer is normally sufficient.

Milan will begin by looking at your driving style and then advise you on strategies which will start to raise your driving standard to 'expert' level. By the time you take the ADI Part 2 test, you will have the necessary skills to pass.

Note: for every hour that you cover with a trainer, we suggest that you practise for 2 hours independently.

  • One to one in-car training only
  • Raise your driving level to expert
  • Short training period
  • Quickly eliminate poor driving habits