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ADI Part 3 Driving Instructor Training

About DITA Driving Instructor Training

What you can expect from us...

The training and preparation for this part of the qualification process is ALL carried out in-car, on a one to one basis.

We work hard to make sure all aspects of the DITA business are to a high standard; from our teaching aids and Franchise to our instructor training - we want everyone's experience to be positive because we want Trainees to recommend us.

With that in mind, our Driving Instructor training is only done by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency approved Instructor Trainers, taken from the Official Register of Driving Instructor Training - also known as ORDIT. To become listed on the ORDIT register, Driving Instructors are required to pass extra tests on top of the ADI Green Badge qualification.

We make sure all DITA trainees have the best chance of passing each test by using clear, concise and easy to follow training techniques that can only come from years of experience.

ADI Part 2 and ADI Part 3 in-car training by DITA is on a 1-2-1 basis only, which means trainees receive full lessons and the undivided attention of the trainer. We also offer support where trainees have questions or concerns - support from the people that started the company.

In reference to ADI Part 3, as trainers we have a good relationship with the Examiners in our training areas. This means we can stay up-to-date with the most recent changes to the Part 3 Test and the level of teaching expected from trainees.

When Trainees have reached the level of fully qualified Driving Instructor, there's the possibility of joining DITA as a Franchisee. Here we give continued support to the Franchisee as they establish their driving school, and also on the journey to a successful career beyond.

DITA also provides Standards Check training to Qualified Instructors. This is done through in-car training which is complemented by clear, concise teaching aids.

If you are interested in training with DITA or would like to find out some more information, please get in touch through the instructor training enquiry page.