Driving Instructor Franchise

Training & Working With DITA

Turn your training into a business

Our Franchise plans are aimed at starting & building YOUR Driving School into a success

For the PDIs that train with DITA, after successful completion of the three ADI tests there's the possibility of working alongside us as a Franchisee to build your own Driving School.

There are many benefits to becoming a Franchisee with DITA, the years of experience that you'll be able to draw on for support from the owners being among the most important - something that can't be bought.

Unlike the large franchises, we use our experience to help build your Driving School into a success - not to simply push our brand.

There are also Franchise loyalty discounts for trainees who complete their training with us (available after a certain number of training hours).

Because many ADIs want different levels of help, DITA offers three different Franchise plans. These range from Full support, where we work alongside you to build a successful Driving School, to a Website Franchise where we use our expertise to build a successful online website presence in your teaching area.

Please take a look at our DITA Franchise Plans for a more detailed explanation of the benefits.