ADI Part 3

Training for the ADI Part 2 Driving Ability Test

ADI Part 3 Test Training With DITA

Highly recommended, clear & concise expert training

The training and preparation for this part of the qualification process is ALL carried out in-car, on a one to one basis.

Training for the ADI Part 3 teaching ability test is ALL done in-car on a one to one basis with Milan, who has years of experience as an ORDIT registered Instructor Trainer

Milan successfully passed his last ORDIT inspection in Jan 2015 and he is a DVSA Approved Grade A Instructor Trainer (with many testimonials).

Milan often sits in on tests and talks with Examiners, so he has an excellent insight into what is required to successfully pass the Driving Instructor tests.

He has years of experience giving mock tests; role playing pupils as Examiners would, and helping PDIs understand how to pass ADI Part 3, whether on their first, second or third attempt.

Although there are 10 Preset Tests, they do not cover all the topics required for teaching a 'real learner' to drive.

DITA training will ensure that you are equipped with clear teaching strategies that stay with you after passing ADI Part 3, throughout your career, and help you to teach successfully in the real world.

The time it takes to prepare for this aspect of training varies from person to person, but on average, it takes 1 to 1.5 hours per topic.

Note: for every 1 hour that you have with a trainer we advise you to read, prepare and practise for 2 hours independently. Your trainer will advise you on the appropriate training required.

  • One to one in-car training only
  • Clear and concise training
  • Easy to understand training aids
  • Expert training for the ADI Part 3 Test
  • Expert training on how to teach real learners